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Replacement Wheelie Bin Lid | 120 Litre

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wheelie bin lids 120

Replacement Wheelie Bin Lid | 120 Litre

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  • Please be aware for multiple bin orders, we will stack the items inside one another which will require the manual attachment of the axle wheels. This is to prevent damage in transit.

Wheelie Bin Lids | 120 Litre

In the unlikely event that the lid of one of our Wheelie Bins needs replacing, our Replacement Wheelie Bin Lids have the exact some qualities and conform to the exact same standards as the complete Wheelie Bins we stock. Like our Standard Wheelie Bins, these lids are stocked brand new and manufacturer tested. The 120 Litre Lids are supplied in every colour to accompany any of our standard Wheelie Bins.

Also available for 240L and 360L Wheelie Bins.

Lid Size : 51cm x 43cm

Please Note:

These lids do not come with come complete with hinge pins, these can be purchased separately using the links below:

*The size of pin required for your specific bin varies, be sure to measure your existing pins to ensure the correct fitment.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, Yellow

Bin Size

120 Litre

Bin Component