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Shuttering Plywood | 12mm

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Shuttering Plywood | 12mm

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Shuttering Plywood | 12mm

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12mm Shuttering Plywood is an extremely high strength board manufactured by gluing layers of Softwood Plywood together in as many layers that is needed to give the product this incredible strength and load-bearing ability. The main purpose of Shuttering Plywood is specifically to make a mould for pouring concrete and providing a solid wall while the concrete sets. This is due to its WBP Grading, giving it good weather resistant capabilities and the fact that the Plywood does not stick to the concrete. Other uses of Shuttering Plywood are any constructions that require extreme strength, but not necessarily an aesthetically pleasing finish. This is caused by the knots that can occur in the manufacturing process, but this is purely an aesthetic issue and does not effect the ability of the product.

Our Shuttering Plywood is available in thicknesses of 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm and comes in a variety of sizes.

Standard Sheet Sizes:

2400mm – 2440mm x 1200mm – 1220mm (8ft x 4ft)
1200mm – 1220mm x 1200mm – 1220mm (4ft x 4ft)
1200mm – 1220mm x 595mm – 610mm (4ft x 2ft)
595mm – 610mm x 595mm – 610mm (2ft x 2ft)
595mm – 610mm x 295mm – 310mm (2ft x 1ft)

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2ft x 1ft, 2ft x 2ft, 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 2ft, 8ft x 4ft

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Shuttering Plywood

Yes, shuttering plywood is reusable if taken care of properly. Make sure to clean the plywood after each use, as this will prevent dirt and debris from building up and damaging the wood. You should also store the plywood in a dry, protected area when not in use, and inspect the plywood regularly.

While shuttering plywood is not as strong as other types of plywood, it is still strong enough to provide a stable surface for concrete pourings. It is also more affordable than other types of plywood, making it a popular choice for construction projects.

Shuttering plywood is a type of engineered wood that is specifically designed for use as a temporary waterproofing barrier. It is often used during construction projects in order to protect the interior of a building from water damage while the exterior is being worked on.