Wheelie Bin 120 Litre | Yellow colour

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All of our bins are brand new and manufacturer tested to EN840 and RAL standards.

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Yellow 120 Litre Wheelie Bin


Height: 90 cm
Width: 48 cm

Colours available: Grey, Green, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow

The 120 Litre Standard Wheelie bin is the a common wheelie bin and is used throughout Councils in the UK. All of our bins are brand new and manufacturer tested to EN840 and RAL standards. EN840 is the European standard for handling safety and emptying operations and are certified compliant with the EU protection directive. We also supply many other sizes & colours of wheelie bins as well as many other larger industrial type bins, please feel free email or call us with your enquiry. If you are a householder looking for a replacement wheelie bin then the Standard 240Litre is the one to choose. Almost all councils throughout the UK use this size of bin and our bins have all the required quality and safety certificates so that waste collection companies will empty them. Please be aware that unless you buy a wheelie bin which has the ‘EN840’ or ‘RAL’ standards then you may be wasting your money as most councils will refuse to empty them.

Our wheelie bins are all top quality made with high quality, high density HDPE and are compliant with all noise reduction requirements. They are certified and tested compliant to the EN840 , RAL-GZ951/1 and Directive 2000/14/EG. All of our bins are UV-resistant and cadmium free where as inferior bins will not have this ultra violet protection (which is expensive) and will most likely be made from recycled plastic. Ultimately you would be wasting your money because, in our experience, they will probably fail in a few years or even less.


– Strengthened front comb to ensure exact locking on lifting equipment
– Fast Delivery available
– Rubber tyres with steel spring loaded locking pins
– Rounded corners and smooth, easy to clean internal surfaces
– EN840 approved
– Corrosion resistant axle
– Compatible with standard lifting equipment

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Weight 20000 g

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Wheelie Bin 240L Grey


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Wheelie Bins


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240L Wheelie Bin


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