240 Litre Wheelie Bins | Green


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240 Litre Wheelie Bins | Green


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Green 240 Litre Wheelie Bins

Environmentally Friendly

The 240L Wheelie Bins is the obvious choice for waste disposal for houses and homes with multiunit and material handling. It can also be used in hospitals, clinics, or commercial kitchens. The 240L is the most common size of wheelie bin used in UK councils. Each bin can hold between two to four bags, with a durable lid and the wheels provide ease of movement. These bins come in a variety of colours, all serving the purpose of a more efficient and effective waste disposal system for your household.

All Wheelie Bins stocked at Builders Marketplace are brand new and manufacturer tested to EN840 and RAL Standards, making them compliant with the standards needed for UK council waste collection and disposal. The strengthened front comb of these bins makes them further UK council compliant by providing exact locking onto any waste disposal equipment. Our bins are equipped with superior quality wheels and a corrosion-resistant axel, making them built to last. These bins are also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The Green coloured Wheelie Bin is the most common colour of bin to use for any general waste disposal, along with the Black and Dark Grey varieties of the bin.

* If you intend to use this bin for residential waste purposes, please check with your local council if they accept third-party wheelie bins

Height: 105 cm
Width: 70 cm

Colours available: Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow


Additional information

Weight 20000 g
Dimensions 58 × 72 × 106 cm
Bin Size

240 Litre

Bin Capacity

2 – 4 Bags



Waste Material

Food Waste