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Oil Tempered Hardboard

Considered the strongest of its type, Oil Tempered Hardboard is a high-density panel commonly used in the manufacturing of furniture and levelling out old floor boards.

At Builders Marketplace, we stock a great range of oil tempered hardboard, perfect for your furniture projects.

Our Range of Oil Tempered Hardboard

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What is Oil Tempered Hardboard Used for?

Oil tempered hardboard can act as an extra layer of durability under furniture and units such as counter tops and drawers, or in general construction of units such as cabinets and wardrobes. As well as being a staple in these constructions, oil tempered hardboard is also a cost-effective method to protect any existing flooring from damage while other construction work is taking place.

Hardboard is cut in to thinner sheets (usually 1/8 or 1/4 thick), making the final product more lightweight and providing more flexibility than if other panels were used. After being primed and sealed, the panels can be customised with paint or vinyl, to provide a custom finish for any fixture. One side of the panel is smooth (usually the outward facing side), while the coarse side provides extra grip along with being nailed down.

Oil Tempered Hardboard at Builders Marketplace

We offer standard hardboard, white hardboard and pegboard hardboard. Hardboard is not only ideal for panelling and construction, pegboard makes an ideal space to hang any tools that you don’t quite have room for or for ease of access with your most used tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Oil Tempered Hardboard Used For?

Oil tempered hardboard is great for roof or internal wall linings, flooring underlay and fascias. It’s also suitable for covering floors and producing the backs to different pieces of furniture.

Is Oil Tempered Hardboard Waterproof?

Oil tempered hardboard is water-resistant due to its manufacturing process. The oil used is polymerised by heat treatment and gives hardboard its water-resistant properties.

What Is the Difference Between Hardboard and Tempered Hardboard?

Tempered hardboard is tougher than standard grade hardboard due to the treatment process it goes through during manufacturing.

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