Fence Posts

Builders Marketplace provide landscape and timber fence posts that are high-quality, incised, and fully pressure treated. Our Fence Posts are strong, durable, and guaranteed against fungal decay, rot, and wood-destroying insects. Our timbers products are suitable for domestic, agricultural, industrial, and all other forms of applications and installations that require woods and timber.

3×3 Fence Posts which are also known as 75mmx75mm Fence Posts are carefully selected types of wood and are suitable for supporting most types of timber fence panels and 2.4m fence post is in different sizes. These posts come in finely finished and having flat ends, smooth edges, pointed end or machine rounded end as according to purpose. These are suitable for all sorts of stakes and providing supports for platforms and fences, enhancing durability, agility, and security of your landscape.

Our 4×4 Fence Posts, which are also known as 100mmx100mm Fence Posts are suitable for ready-made fence panels, picket fencing, yards fencing, parks fencing, gates poles, farmland fencing, animal pen fencing, gardens and other fencing projects.

Both the 3×3 Fence Posts and 4×4 Fence Posts come in a variety of sizes to fit any and all fencing requirements.

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