Landscaping Tools

At Builders Marketplace, we stock a wide range of landscaping tools including drain spades, shovels, posthole diggers and much more. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality tools to help our customers complete a range of landscaping projects.

Our Range of Landscaping Tools

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Builders Marketplace Landscaping Tools

More often than not, most building projects require the use of landscaping tools. Whether you need some sturdy spades to dig the land or a micro fork to treat a property’s soil, you can rely on Builders Marketplace to provide you with the tools to help get the job done.

We stock both Micro Round Shovels and Micro Square Shovels that come in a 27-inch size, helping you to complete the digging work on your project sites.

Our landscaping tools are popular purchases and for good reason, they’re durable and have left many of our customers satisfied. Explore the range and make your purchase today to ensure your landscaping project is completed in a professional and timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Landscaping?

Landscaping can be defined as the process of improving the appearance of a garden through different techniques. Landscapers will often plant trees and shrubs, as well as adding ornaments and changing the level of the ground.

Which Landscaping Tool Is Used the Most?

The tool that is most used by landscapers is the shovel. Builders Marketplace stocks both Round Shovels and Square Shovels.

What’s the Easiest Way to Level Out Uneven Ground?

We recommend levelling out uneven ground using a shovel and a rake. Firstly, use a shovel to break up the land, exposing the soil underneath the grass in the process. From there, use a rake to level out the uneven ground.

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