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Wheelie Bin Parts & Replacements

At Builders Marketplace, we stock a wide range of wheelie bin spares, parts and replacements, so that you can fix any damage to your wheelie bin quickly and easily. We also offer fast delivery so you don’t have to wait long for your new replacement wheelie bin lid and other spares to arrive at your doorstep.

Our Range of Replacement Wheelie bin Lids and Spares

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Replacement Wheelie bin Lids and Spares at Builders Marketplace

Whether it’s a standard council wheelie bin or a larger sized used in an industrial setting, we have lids in stock that will match perfectly with your existing wheelie bin. We provide replacement and spare wheelie bin wheels, axels, lid bin pins and lids, and all of our replacement parts are available in sizes to accommodate 120L, 240L and 360L wheelie bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach a wheelie bin lid?

To attach a new wheelie bin lid, place the main part of the bin lid onto the top of the wheelie bin, ensuring it is correctly aligned before pressing down gently. Nextly insert each lid pin into its corresponding hole and make sure they are pressed in to place securely.

How do you keep a wheelie bin lid closed?

Wheelie bins can often be a nuisance when it comes to keeping their lids closed in the wind. It is important that the lid of your wheelie bin remains closed at all times, so as not to spread rubbish around. Try using bungee cords or straps to secure the lid down. These should be placed over either side of the wheelie bin and fastened together with a buckle mechanism for extra security. This method creates an extra layer of protection for your bin and keeps it firmly in place against strong gusts of wind.

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