Wheelie Bin Axle (120L) | 480mm


wheelie bin axle

Wheelie Bin Axle (120L) | 480mm


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  • Please be aware for multiple bin orders, we will stack the items inside one another which will require the manual attachment of the axle wheels. This is to prevent damage in transit.

Galvanised Wheelie Bin Axle for 120L Bins

In the unlikely even that any part of our Wheelie Bins need replacing, we replacement Wheelie Bin axles to are perfectly compatible with the Standard Wheelie Bins available and assist the wheels in making the bins easy for transportation. The 480mm axle is designed to fit our range of 120 Litre Wheelie Bins and is made of high quality galvanised steel. The galvanising process of these axles make them resistant to rust and corrosion, making them manufactured to last.

We also stock Axles designed for 240L and 360L Wheelie Bins.

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Weight 1000 g
Bin Component


Bin Size

120 Litre