Bulk Bags


Bulk Bags

We stock several varieties of Building Sand, Gravel and Sand & Gravel Mixes in convenient 800kg bulk bags, ideal for large scale commercial, industrial and domestic projects.

All of our bulk supply products are multi-purpose, eliminating the need to purchase multiple different products, therefore making the process smoother and more cost effective. For example, our Building Sand is suitable for all stages of the brickwork process, including pointing and rendering. As well as this, some of our bulk supply products can be mixed to form other materials that are essential to the structure and foundations of a project, such as Cement and Concrete.

The obvious benefit of products in bulk supply would be having everything you need to start and finish your project. A bulk bag of MoT Type 1 for example, will give you all the supply you need to provide a solid base for any gravel path, walkway or drive.

It must be noted that several of our bulk bag supplies are sourced from several suppliers and may differ in appearance and texture due to regional variants. However, this variance will not effect the abilities of the product.