Gravel Board

Gravel Board serves the specific purpose of being attached to the bottom of a garden fence to raise it to a desired height, when the ideal height cannot be achieved with standard fence panels. Gravel Boards can also be used to correct uneven ground surface.

Besides adding height to a fence and ground surface work, the other major advantage to adding Gravel Boards to a fencing project is that it provides a barrier between the fence panels and the ground. This protects them from environmental stressors, such as water or a build-up of organic matter, for extra durability of your fence. The pressure treated wood also provides protection to the Gravel Boards themselves by making them rot and insect resistant. With a solid base provided by the Gravel Board, this will also provide extra protection against any weather that could disrupt the integrity of the fence (e.g: wind). An added bonus of these boards is that they leave no gaps between the fence panels, this ensures complete privacy and a smooth run of panels.

With the timber Gravel Boards we stock, they will blend in seamlessly with your fence panels and can be treated the same as your fence panels to make your project even more cohesive.

Gravel Board is the first step to any high quality and long lasting fence.

Stocked in various sizes.