Timber Gravel Boards (6×1″) 150mm x 22mm | 1.8 meter (6ft)



Gravel boards are pressure treated timber which is attached at the bottom of the garden fence. Gravel boards are used to raise the height of the fence panel to reach a desired height. Sometime height of the fence required is not achieved by standard fence panels and that’s where gravel boards are used in multiples to raise the fence. Also used where they might be uneven ground surface. The other advantage to using the gravel board when treated with extra preservative it will protect the fence panel from being in direct contact with the ground. It will protect the fence from water splash dirt and other organic matter which gives added extra life to the fence panel.

– Size: 150mm x 22mm x 1.8 meter
– Pressure treated
– Value for money to protect your fence
– Easy to install

Application: Gravel boards should be installed first before the installation of the fence begins. Measure the distance between the two fence post and cut the gravel boards to size. Fix the gravel board to the post using galvanised nails and Gravel board clips. If using more than one gravel board on top of each other to elevate the fence further wooden pegs should be used, which is driven in to the ground and gravel boards are screwed to it.

Care & Maintenance: When attaching panels to posts, ensure the bottom of the panel is at least 30mm above the ground to prevent the fence from rotting in wet conditions. Use a gravel board to raise the fence from the ground. Wood is a natural product and can be susceptible to warping and twisting especially during dry spells. Watering down regularly can help the fence return to its natural shape when the humidity rises. Regularly check that your fence posts and panels are secure, so long as they are secure this will help to reduce damage from flexing in windy conditions. Treat your fence annually with a good quality non-creosote preservative. Wood preservatives and stains should be used to keep the fence in its natural colour however there are wide variety of stains available if different tone of colour is preferred.

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Weight 4000 g

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Gravel Boards


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