Roofing Batten

Are you looking for quality and adequately treated timber Roofing Battens for your repair, upgrade, or new project? Builders Marketplace is the best place to for quality timber.

Specially produced to be used as part of timber roofing structures and extensions, they are also able to support concrete roof tiles or slates, clay roof tiles, fibre cement slates, and natural slates.

These graded, kiln-dried treated timber battens are strong and finely finished, to ensure maximum durability and stability. These battens cover a wide range of roofing applications and are treated to withstand the outdoor environment and conditions. The battens are pressure treated with preservatives to enhance resistance against decay, rot and insect attacks, complete protection for your project.

Our Timber Battens are easy to cut while being worked on, easy to maintain and are compliant with the standard of BS5534:2003+A1:2010. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your needs perfectly.


Q.: What are the typical uses of roofing battens?

A.: Roofing battens are primarily used as a structural support for various roofing materials such as concrete roof tiles, clay roof tiles, fibre cement slates, and natural slates. They are essential for creating a stable and durable roofing structure for both repairs and new construction projects.

Q.: How are the roofing battens treated for durability?

A.: Our roofing battens are carefully treated with preservatives through a pressure treatment process. This treatment enhances their resistance against decay, rot, and insect attacks, ensuring longevity and durability even in outdoor environments and challenging weather conditions.

Q.: Are the timber battens compliant with industry standards?

A.: Yes, our timber battens adhere to the standards outlined in BS5534:2003+A1:2010. This compliance ensures that they meet the required quality and safety specifications for use in roofing applications. You can trust that our battens are manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Q.: What sizes and lengths are available for the roofing battens?

A.: We offer a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate different project requirements. Our range includes battens in dimensions such as 19mm x 38mm, 25mm x 38mm, and 25mm x 50mm. Whether you need smaller dimensions for specific applications or larger sizes for broader structural support, we have options to suit your needs.

Q.: Can the roofing battens be easily customized for specific project needs?

A.: Yes, our timber battens are designed to be easily cut and modified to fit specific project requirements. Whether you need to trim them to a certain length or shape them to accommodate unique roofing designs, our battens offer flexibility and ease of customization during installation.

Q.: What benefits do your roofing battens offer compared to other options?

A.: Our roofing battens stand out for their exceptional quality, durability, and compliance with industry standards. The pressure treatment they undergo ensures long-term protection against decay and rot, making them a reliable choice for various roofing applications. Additionally, their ease of customization and wide range of available sizes ensure they can meet the diverse needs of different projects effectively.

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