Roofing Batten

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Are you looking for quality and adequately treated timber battens for your repair, upgrade, or new project? BuildersMerchant is the best place to for quality timber.

Our battens are available in sizes and lengths that include

  • 25×50 batten
  • 19 x 38 batten
  • 25mm x 38mm
  • 1.0, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m x 25mm timber battens


High quality graded battens

Kiln-dried treated timbers battens

Produced from excellent quality wood selections

Strong and finely finished, providing a long-lasting guarantee of durability and stability.

Rated to cover a wide range of roofing applications and are treated to withstand the outdoor environment and conditions.

Our treated roofing timber battens are of superior quality and are pressure treated with preservatives to enhance resistance against decay, rot, and insect attacks.

Specially produced to be used as part of timber roofing structures and extensions, also able to support concrete roof tiles or slates, clay roof tiles, fiber cement slates, and natural slates.

Our Timber Battens are easy to cut while being worked on, easy to maintain and are compliant with the standard of BS5534:2003+A1:2010