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Treated Timber Batten | 25mm x 50mm

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Treated Timber Batten | 25mm x 50mm

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Treated Timber Roofing Battens 2×1

Roofing Battens, also known as Roofing Lath, are used to provide the initial structure to roofing and/or an extensions, and also serves as the fixing point for roofing materials such as shingles or tiles. Roofing Battens can be placed in specific ways to provide slightly different qualities to your finished roof, for example, use of a Counter Batten System (a grid of battens running in both directions) provides an improvement in ventilation. These Battens are strong and finely finished, with extra treatment applied to withstand outdoor conditions and resist against decay, rot and insect attacks. This protection is approved for a 60 year service life, ensuring maximum protection and long lasting properties.

Our Treated Timber 2×1 Roofing Battens are available in sizes of 19mm x 38mm, 25mm x 38mm and 25mm x 50mm and come in standard timber lengths:

Standard Lengths:

1.2 meter (4ft)
1.8 meter (6ft)
2.4 meter (8ft)
3.6 meter (12ft)
4.8 meter (16ft)

*Actual product dimensions may differ ever so slightly from those listed due to the treating process.

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1.8 meter (6ft), 1.2 meter (4ft), 2.4 meter (8ft), 3.6 meter (12ft), 4.8 meter (16ft)

Timber Batten Size

25 x 50mm

Timber Type

Roofing Battens, Treated Timber

Counter battens are wooden strips that are installed vertically over pitched roofs where horizontal tiling battens are attached. They are used to allow rain to run off the tiles and away from the roof.

Most tile manufactures allow direct nailing but not on roofs with a slope greater than 7:12, or on roofs with cold climates where it gets icey.

Roofing battens are mainly made from wood but you can get metal, plastic or composite also. Some combine two materials to get the effect they need.

Single lap installations should use 38mm x 25mm batten for 450mm joists and 50mm x 25mm for batten for 600mm joists. Concrete slates require 38mm x 25mm batten for 450mm joist spans.

Yes, roofing battens will rot but only at the edges of the roof such as chimneys or verges.

Battens Should be fixed to rafters set at centres no more than 600mm apart, they should be at least 1.2 meters long.

Yes, roofing battens are structural. They are also extremely important structural functions in a roof.

Roofing battens are different colours because the manufactures need to know that it has met necessary standards. The colour is not important, what is important is if it has the BS5534 stamp.

Battens are laid in-between rafters to secure the roofing felt.

Yes, they are treated to be in accordance with BS 8417. Different manufactures use different treatments.