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Arris Rail

Timber Arris Rails are the perfect batten to lay across Feather Edge Boards to ensure they are secure and uniform. The triangular shape of these rails are designed for both security and draining purposes, making it more difficult for anyone to scale your fence, while at the same time draining excess rain water to minimise damage to your fence panels.

Installation of these rails is easy and time effective, with the only other equipment you will need is brackets to keep the rails in place. As well as this, our Arris Rails are pre-treated, providing instant protection to not only the rails, but the fence panels they are installed on to.


Q.: What is the purpose of Arris Rails in fencing?

A.: Arris Rails serve as battens laid across feather-edge boards in fencing to ensure security and uniformity. Their triangular shape aids in both security by making it difficult to scale fences and in draining excess rainwater to minimize damage to fence panels.

Q.: What are the benefits of using pre-treated Arris Rails?

A.: Pre-treated Arris Rails offer instant protection not only to the rails themselves but also to the fence panels they are installed on. This treatment enhances the durability and longevity of both the rails and the fence, providing added value and peace of mind to customers.

Q.: How easy is it to install Arris Rails?

A.: Installation of Arris Rails is straightforward and time-effective. The only additional equipment required are brackets to secure the rails in place. This simplicity makes the installation process hassle-free and accessible for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Q.: What sizes are available for Arris Rails at Builders Marketplace?

A.: Builders Marketplace offers a range of sizes for Arris Rails, including 5ft (1.5m), 10ft (3m), 4ft (1.2m), and 8ft (2.4m) options. This variety allows customers to choose the appropriate length based on their specific fencing requirements and project scope.

Q.: How does Builders Marketplace ensure the quality of its Arris Rails?

A.: Builders Marketplace specializes in the supply of construction and building materials, working closely with major manufacturers and distributors in the UK. This ensures that the Arris Rails offered are of high quality, meeting industry standards and customer expectations for durability and performance.

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