Phenolic Resin

Merchanting Ltd offer variety of Phenolic Resin, providing durable anti slip properties to any flooring.

The Phenolic Resin sheet materials we offer include Phenolic Plywood, this is a durable material made using synthetic Phenolic Resin impregnated film pressed on both surfaces of a wooden board under high pressure and temperature. Phenolic Plywood is suitable for both external and internal applications, can be cut to any size. It is environmentally friendly, durable, workable, hygienic, odour-free, easy to clean, sturdy, and has resistance to commonly used chemicals.

Mesh Plywood is an anti-slip ply made from birch veneer. It is a plywood panel with a wire mesh pattern coated with a dark brown Phenolic Resin. It is used for various applications, including trailers, horseboxes, warehouse floors, stages, and access platforms.

The phenolic surface resists cracking and splitting from fasteners extremely well,  while the phenolic provides for a high degree of water resistance. Suitable for interior design, furniture, fitting and joinery, and all sorts of indoor and outdoor usages, not excluding construction purposes.

All our phenolic resin sheet materials are anti-slip, EN314-2 and EN13986 compliant, FSC® certified and are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Whether for personal or industrial use of phenolic ply, we’ve got you covered.


Q.: What is phenolic resin, and what are its properties?

A.: Phenolic resin is a synthetic material known for its durability and anti-slip properties when used in various applications. It’s commonly used in the construction industry for flooring and other surfaces due to its resistance to chemicals, water, and wear and tear.

Q.: What are the advantages of using phenolic resin board?

A.: Phenolic resin board offers several advantages, including durability, anti-slip properties, environmental friendliness, easy maintenance, and resistance to chemicals. These boards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, making them versatile for various projects.

Q.: What types of phenolic resin board are available, and what are their uses?

A.: There are several types of phenolic resin board available, including phenolic plywood and mesh plywood. Phenolic plywood is suitable for both external and internal applications, while mesh plywood, with its wire mesh pattern, is commonly used in trailers, warehouse floors, and stages due to its anti-slip properties.

Q.: Are phenolic resin boards environmentally friendly?

A.: Yes, phenolic resin boards are environmentally friendly. They are often made with sustainable materials and are FSC® certified, ensuring responsible sourcing and production practices. Additionally, their durability and longevity contribute to reduced environmental impact by minimizing the need for frequent replacements.

Q.: Where can I purchase phenolic resin boards?

A.: Phenolic resin boards can be purchased from reputable suppliers like Merchanting Ltd, who specialize in supplying construction and building materialsto contractors and end-users. These boards are available in various sizes and thicknesses to suit different project requirements, ensuring accessibility and convenience for customers.

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