Feather Edge

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Are you looking to have a solution that is cheap but durable, to security and privacy questions in your space? Or do you want to repair part or all of your already installed fence?

We offer treated and cheap fencing timbers such as Feather Edge Boards and Timber Gravel Boards, which are high in strength and quality.

Available in different lengths:

600 mm

900 mm

1200 mm

1500 mm

1800 mm

4800 mm

Our feather edge fence boards are manufactured from sawn timber, pressure treated, and provided with preservatives to have protections and resistance against environmental conditions and insect attacks. They are properly stored and are compliant with the FSC standard.

This classic fencing, constructed from vertical, overlapping feather edge boards, is strong and durable.

An ideal solution for space can’t find a fence panel to fit.

Feather edge timber is cheap and affordable

Easy to install and maintain

Suitable for checking and restriction of pets movement

An ideal choice for creating and marking out a boundary between neighboring property

Feather edge fence boards could be painted and given any desired design to serve a decorative purpose.