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Feather Edge

Are you looking to have a solution that is cheap but durable to provide security and privacy in your space? Or do you want to repair part or all of your already installed fence? Our high strength and high quality Feather Edge Boards are the answer.

This classic fencing, constructed from vertical, overlapping feather edge boards, is strong and durable. They are manufactured from sawn timber, pressure treated, and provided with preservatives to have protections and resistance against environmental conditions and insect attacks. They are properly stored and are compliant with the FSC standard. An ideal solution for space can’t find a fence panel to fit with the added bonus of being easy to install and maintain.

These boards are ideal for any garden to section off neighbouring property and make your garden pet secure. Feather Edge Fence Boards can also be painted and given any desired design to serve a decorative purpose.

The Feather Edge Fence Boards are available in multiple sizes to suit your needs, including a Black Painted version.


Q.: What are Feather Edge Boards?

A.: Feather Edge Boards are vertical, overlapping boards commonly used in fencing to provide security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. They are crafted from high-quality sawn timber, pressure treated, and treated with preservatives to ensure durability and resistance against environmental factors and insect attacks.

Q.: What are the advantages of using Feather Edge Boards?

A.: Feather Edge Boards offer several advantages, including strength, durability, and ease of installation. They are an affordable solution for fencing projects and can be easily customized to fit various dimensions and design preferences. Additionally, they provide an effective barrier for privacy and security in outdoor spaces.

Q.: How are Feather Edge Boards installed?

A.: Installing Feather Edge Boards is a straightforward process. The boards are typically attached vertically to fence rails using nails or screws, with each board overlapping the previous one to create a continuous, secure barrier. Proper installation ensures stability and longevity of the fence.

Q.: Are Feather Edge Boards suitable for painting or customization?

A.: Yes, Feather Edge Boards can be painted or stained to achieve desired colors and finishes. This allows for customization to match existing aesthetics or to createunique designs. Whether painted for a traditional look or left natural for a rustic appeal, Feather Edge Boards offer versatility in design options.

Q.: What sizes are available for Feather Edge Boards at Builders Marketplace?

A.: Builders Marketplace offers Feather Edge Boards in various sizes to accommodate different fencing requirements. Options include 6×1″ boards in lengths ranging from 4ft to 16ft. Additionally, Black Painted Feather Edge Boards are available in 4ft, 8ft, and 16ft lengths, providing customers with a choice of dimensions for their projects.

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