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Aged Oak Fencing

We stock impressive aged oak composite fencing and accessories to meet your building project needs. Our composite fencing is really easy to install and maintain.

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Our Range of Aged Oak Fencing

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Composite Aged Oak Fencing

Our aged oak composite fencing is a longer lasting alternative to traditional timber fencing. It is made out of both wood and plastic, a hybrid material that is meant to last. Composite fencing provides several benefits that only come with this type of fencing.

The Benefits of Aged Oak Fencing

The most important benefit is its durability compared to traditional timber fencing. A number of the problems that come with timber fencing are completely eliminated with this type of fencing. Furthermore, composite fencing is warp, rot and splinter free.

Composite fencing is also far easier to maintain than timber fencing, as it eliminates the need for treating and staining. You simply need to spray it down with water to keep it looking clean and fresh.

Aged Oak Fencing at Builders Marketplace

The way that our high-quality composite fencing is crafted, means that it’s easy to maintain the grooves and overall look that comes with traditional wood, without the need for extra maintenance. Also, our aged oak fencing can mimic the appearance of darker types of wood and traditional stained timber fencing.

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What Is Our Aged Oak Fencing Made From?

Our composite fencing range is made out of a wood and plastic hybrid that offers durability and longevity. This offers many benefits that traditional timber fencing does not.

How Long Does Aged Oak Fencing Last?

Our composite aged oak fencing can last up to thirty years, meanwhile traditional oak timber fencing is expected to last up to fifteen years.

Does Age Oak Fencing Rot?

Because our aged oak fencing is made out of a composite blend of wood and plastic, it means that it will not rot over time.

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