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Half Round Rails

We are a trusted supplier of building material we take great satisfaction in offering high-quality goods.

Why choose our half-round fence rails?
Our half-round fence rails are made to provide superior performance and structural integrity for your fencing projects. These half-round fence rails are made to secure Feather Edge Boards perfectly. They also ensure a stable and well-finished panel. In addition to giving your fence an improved aesthetic, the rounded shape improves security and facilitates adequate drainage.

Strict Pressure Treatment
Our Half Round Fence Rails go through a strict pressure treatment procedure because we recognise the difficulties that come with outdoor use. 

Half Round Fence Rails available in 100 mm
With the flexibility of the 100mm option, you can customise your fencing solution to strike the ideal ratio between strength and beauty.

Versatility in applications
These rails are capable of handling a variety of tasks, such as organising vegetable patches in your garden, bordering your property, or keeping livestock in large pastures.

Popular Choice
These rails are stocked by reputable retailers like Wickes and Travis Perkins, attesting to their dependability and quality.

Similar to Arris Rails, Half Round Rails are also designed to secure Feather Edge Boards together for a consistent and structurally sound finished panel.

The rounded design of these rails similarly serve to provide security and drainage for your fence. However, Half Round Rails are typically used for more specific purposes that Arris Rail is not usually used for. These purposes include bordering, vegetable patches, gardens and containing livestock in large pastures of land.

Our Half Round Rails are pressure treated, providing extra protection against the common issues that arise from using timber for exterior purposes, as well as extra longevity.

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