Composite Slatted Cladding

  • expansion screw

    Composite Slatted Cladding | Steel Expansion Screws (x20)

    £8.50 inc VAT
  • Screws

    Composite Slatted Cladding | Steel Screws (x100)

    £5.99 inc VAT
  • Composite Starter Clips

    Composite Slatted Cladding | Steel Starter Clips (x20)

    £10.20 inc VAT
  • Oak Edge Trim

    Composite Slatted Cladding L-Shaped Edge Trim Oak Brown 3.6m (12ft)

    £12.90 inc VAT
  • Grey Edge Trim

    Composite Slatted Cladding L-Shaped Edge Trim Stone Grey 3.6m (12ft)

    £12.90 inc VAT
  • -42%
    Composite Joist

    Composite Slatted Cladding Solid Joist Oak Brown 3.6m (12ft)

    £6.40 inc VAT

At Builders Marketplace we offer sophisticated and practical composite slatted cladding panels and accessories for a wide range of different building projects. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on renovations, a new fence, decking, or decorative features, our composite cladding panels are an affordable alternative to traditional wooden options.

Adaptive and Innovative

If you want something different to the traditional wooden cladding that will make your property stand out, whether it’s a commercial property or residential home, composite slatted cladding is worth considering. It is a completely adaptive and innovative design and structural solution that can be customised to meet the needs of your project.

Variety of Colours

Our range of composite slatted cladding is available in a range of different smart and aesthetically pleasing colours such as black, stone grey and oak brown. These are classic and very versatile tones designed to look great wherever you use them.

All The Components You Need

Rather than only stocking just the panelling, at Builders Marketplace we sell both the flat slatted composite slatted cladding boards, the special L-shaped composite slatted cladding, and the solid joists to complete required to complete any project. We also stock all the relevant accessories and fixing such as composite slatted cladding steel screws, steel expansion screws and steel starter clips.

Recycled and Sustainable Materials

At Builders Marketplace we are fully committed to making it easier for our customers to choose more environmentally friendly building and construction materials. All TekDek composite slatted cladding boards, L-shaped pieces and joists are made from almost 100% sustainable and recycled materials. As well as being kinder to the environment, they never rot, warp, splinter or otherwise deteriorate so are safer and do not require the same level of maintenance as traditional materials like timber.

Stain Resistant and Ultra Durable Core

We are not blessed with the kindest weather at all times here in the UK. That is why it is important to always consider that when choosing the best materials and solutions for any building or construction work you wish to go ahead with to the exterior of your property.

With TekDek composite slatted cladding, the amount of rainfall and climate, in general, is considered during the design and production process. Our cladding comes complete with stain and weather-resistant coating to help protect the aesthetic quality, while the flat boards and L-Shaped boards are exceptionally strong thanks to the durable core.

Nationwide Delivery and Click and Collect

To provide you with the convenience you need when trying to source crucial materials and components for your construction project, we have a variety of delivery options to suit.

Standard Delivery ensures that your order will be dispatched within 3 to 5 working days, whereas Express Delivery (not available at the weekend) will get your order to you within 1 to 2 days.

Alternatively, if you live in the Essex area, you can choose the Click and Collect option for no extra cost.

If you need materials and components for your building project and want an affordable option, browse through our composite slatted cladding and accessories.