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Timber & Carcassing

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Our range of treated timber

We offer a wide range of strong and durable wholesale treated timber, perfect for projects of any size. Is your business looking to fulfil a big contract for a client? Perhaps you are planning on building and laying your own DIY garden decking? No matter your needs, we will stock the perfect product for you.

From Treated Timber, CLS Timber, to Roofing and Tile Battens, our comprehensive selection of materials is perfect for both contractors and individuals.

Timber & Carcassing

Our treated timber comes in many different sizes and variations, helping you to find exactly what you need. From posts, boards, and battens to general lumber, we are the place to shop for high quality, long-lasting timber.

CLS Timber

Our CLS Timber is strong, durable and versatile, perfect for building internal structures such as stud walls and partitioning. Surfaced on all four sides with a radiused edge, our CLS Timber is fully compliant with the Canadian Lumber Standard. Kiln-dried and treated for maximum resilience, our timber is perfect for your construction project.

Roofing Battens

Available in all sizes, our timber roofing battens are treated in accordance with regulation for a clean finish whilst being strong and resistant to outdoor environments. Available in European Redwood or Whitewood, we offer the ideal product for your construction project. Our roofing battens are fully-surfaced and dressed, ready for use as soon as they arrive at your site.

Treated Timber

Our treated timber is perfect for any of your construction needs. Produced from Scandinavian Whitewood Spruce, our timber conforms with the highest environmental standards and is fully-compliant with FSC regulations. Chemically-treated and kiln dried, our timber is strong, stable and resistant to outdoor environments as well as insects and fungi, making it the ideal choice for your next project.

Cut To Size

As a specialist supplier of treated timber, we want to help make sure that your construction projects run as simple as possible – this is why we offer our cutting service. We will cut all the timber you order exactly to size, in as many pieces as you need, and package them to your exact requirements. In addition to this, we also offer a convenient pick-up option so you can collect your orders from our depot, helping you save on shipping costs.

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