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Landscaping & Fencing

We believe that a garden should be a private space to enjoy numerous activities such as weeding, sunbathing or even some star-gazing. Our huge selection of landscaping and fencing products can help you achieve this, making your garden totally private!

When it comes to landscaping and fencing, we have you covered at Builders Marketplace. From decking and Railway Sleepers to fence posts, gravel boards, and feather-edge boards, we have something for everyone.

Composite Decking

Modern and Luxurious Decking

Our composite decking products provide you with highly durable, easy to install landscaping and fencing solutions. Our composite decking boards will also keep your maintenance low as they have low moisture absorption and resistance to insect attacks.

They’re also made out of 100% recycled materials, have great anti-slip resistance, look great and are designed to last.

Railway Sleepers

With our Railway Sleeper products, you can customize your outdoor space in lots of different ways. They can be used to build retaining walls, edgings, planters, and much more. The only limit to what you can do with Railway Sleepers is your imagination.

Fence Posts

In our landscaping and fencing section, we offer everything you need to build a custom fence for privacy or any other needs. Our fence post materials are made out of treated timber, which provide a highly durable base for your fence.

You can then create your fence with either feather-edge boards or gravel boards to achieve the appearance you desire.

Traditional Timber Products

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