Scaffold Boards

Timber Type

Board Length

  • 8ft

    8ft | Scaffold Boards Graded | 2.4m |

    £23.09 inc VAT
  • 10ft

    10ft | Scaffold Boards Graded | 3m |

    £25.56 inc VAT
  • 13ft

    13ft | Scaffold Boards Graded | 3.9m |

    £32.74 inc VAT

Scaffold Boards

Our PEFC Certified Scaffold Boards are made from the highest quality timber, with metal protected edges to create a board that has unmatched load bearing capabilities, making them perfect for the scaffolding trade. These boards provide a safe and secure platform for workers to conduct work on any building or structure.

This is backed up by the fact that our Scaffold Boards are BS 2482 Graded, meaning quality and safety has been assessed and guaranteed.

Although they are specifically named for scaffolding, these boards can be repurposed for multiple DIY projects including furniture and decking, and the metal banding can be removed if the project requires you to do so.