1100L Wheelie Bin

At Builders Marketplace, we stock an impressive range of high quality 1100L wheelie bins in different colours. They serve as perfect replacements for stolen or broken commercial and large business wheelie bins.

Our Range of 1100L Wheelie Bins

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Builders Marketplace 1100L Wheelie Bins

The 1100L wheelie bin is the obvious choice for commercial and large business waste disposal. Perfect settings for this size of bin include residential blocks, restaurants, cafés and hospitals.

Each bin can hold between fifteen and eighteen bags, with a durable lid and 4 wheels that provide total control and ease of movement. These bins come in a variety of colours, all serving a purpose for a more efficient and effective waste disposal system suited to your needs.

We stock 1100L wheelie bins in the following colours:

Dark Grey/Black 1100L Wheelie BinFor General Waste

Green 1100L Wheelie BinFor Garden Waste

Blue 1100L Wheelie BinFor General Recycling

At Builders Marketplace, we also stock replacement wheelie bin wheels and replacement wheelie bin lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Wheelie Bins Different Colours?

The primary reason why wheelie bins come in a range of colours is because it lets residents know which waste they can put in each bin. For example, black bins are usually associated with general waste.

If you’re unsure which bin you should be using for different types of waste, we recommend visiting your local council’s website.

How Much Weight Can a 1100L Wheelie Bin Hold?

Based on the different types of waste, 1100L wheelie bins can hold the following weights:

  • 70 kg – General Waste
  • 46 kg – Mixed Recycling
  • 46 kg – Paper & Cardboard

What Happens if My Wheelie Bin Is Too Heavy?

If the weight of your wheelie bin exceeds the recommended amount on collection day, it will not be collected. This is a health and safety precaution to protect refuse collectors.

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