MDF Boards

At Builders Marketplace, we have an extensive range of MDF, including oak veneered MDF and window timber. Our MDF boards are perfect for a variety of applications. 

Whether you’re looking for window frame wood or timber for a construction project, we have you covered. Browse our range of MDF today and enjoy competitive prices and fast shipping.

Our Range of MDF Boards

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MDF Boards

MDF Boards are a sheet material made by mixing wood fibres, waxes and resins then hot pressing it to the different thicknesses. Standard MDF can be used in a number of commercial and domestic settings, including being used as window frame wood.

Domestically it is used for bathroom and kitchen furniture and skirting and window boards. Standard MDF is intended for indoor use only, and oak veneered MDF is desired for its clean finish and load-bearing capabilities.

How is MDF made?

  • Standard MDF is pressed without grains or knots, providing a smooth face side, ready for paint, veneer or lamination.
  • This smooth surface also contributes to the ease of cutting, screwing and gluing of these particular boards, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.
  • These sheets are also incredibly environmentally friendly, with all of the wood fibres used in production being responsibly sourced. 

MDF Boards at Builders Marketplace

We stock a range of MDF Boards, including oak veneered or white and black, with various extra properties that are essential to certain projects, including Fire Retardant and Moisture Resistant variations.

MDF Boards are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. We can cut MDF boards to your desired size, just remember to add the Builders Marketplace Cutting Service to your purchase.


Is MDF better than plywood?

MDF tends to be less expensive than plywood. MDF features a smooth surface, making it convenient to be worked on with paintbrushes or rollers. MDF is consistent all through, so cut edges have a uniform appearance, and do not have voids or splinters. It is important to bear in mind that MDF is generally less strong than plywood.

What is MDF board used for?

MDF is used for a variety of applications, including cabinetry, furniture, molding, and doors. MDF can be painted or stained, and it takes paint and stain very well. MDF is also very smooth, making it ideal for applications where a smooth finish is desired.

Is MDF waterproof?

MDF is not a naturally waterproof material, but it can be treated to make it resistant to water damage. There are several methods for waterproofing MDF, including sealing it with a clear coat or painting it with a waterproof sealant. When properly waterproofed, MDF can be used in damp or wet areas without fear of swelling or warping.

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