MDF Boards

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BuildersMerchants supplies MDF Sheets that are manufactured from wood fibers, utilizing resins and waxes which are mixed and then hot pressed to the required thickness.

CPD, BS EN 622, PEFC and FSC Compliant


Width:     1220mm

Length:    2440mm

Thickness:    18mm

Usage:        Indoor and Outdoor


MDF SHEETS Smooth surface that could be for painted, laminated & veneer

Wood fibers used for the production are sourced from environmentally friendly forest thinning, wood/pallets, and sawdust

It has a high load-bearing and moisture resistance capacity.

Suitable for use as bathroom and kitchen furniture, skirting and window boards, and structural constructions.

Easily cut, screwed and glued due to flexibility and absence of knots and grain

Easy to clean and maintain.

Our Moisture Resistant MDF is produced in a range of panel sizes and thicknesses such as 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm which is the most popular MDF board, 22mm, and any desired size.

Moisture resistance MDF Boards are especially suitable for building applications requiring load-bearing and moisture resistance panels. It also functions for all kinds of constructions.

Whether you want to repair, upgrade, or have entirely new construction, we have your back.