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6×2 Timber

At Builders Marketplace, we’re proud to stock both FSC certified and EN14081-2 6×2 timber. Our timber is treated to the highest standards, and is sourced from Scandinavian Whitewood Spruce.

The process our treated timber goes through before reaching the customer is environmentally friendly. We offer the product in a range of lengths and sizes too, and we’re also able to cut custom lengths specifically for your projects. Simply add our custom cutting service to your order and let us know what you require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Lengths of 6×2 Treated Timber Are Available?

Builders Marketplace offer 6×2 timber in the following lengths:

  • 1.2 m (4ft)
  • 2.4 m (8fft)
  • 3 m (10ft)
  • 3.6 m (12ft)
  • 4.2 m (14ft)
  • 4.8 (16ft)

What Is FSC Certified Timber?

FSC certified timber is sourced from forests that have the FSC forest management certification. These forests are managed to high environmental, social and economic standards. Builders Marketplace’s 6×2 timber is FSC certified and is a great option for eco-conscious builders.

What Doest Treated Timber Mean?

Treated timber means that the material has been applied with a protective coating that protects it from all types of decay, including insects and fungi.

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