Tongue & Groove Flooring Boards

Tongue & Groove Flooring Boards

Available in Chipboard, OSB/3 and Plywood, Tongue and Groove Flooring Boards are specifically designed to fit together to form a single flat surface for easy installation and a sleek finish to your flooring.

Chipboard T&G Boards are used to provide a solid base to flooring, due to its smooth sanded surface, strength and ability to adapt to any floor covering. The moisture resistant quality of these particular boards adds and extra layer of protection, and the density of Chipboard provides insulation when used in conjunction with standard insulation materials. Additionally, the narrow sheet size of Chipboard provides easier handling in tight spaces such as lofts. Also available in a Moisture Resistant version.

OSB/3 and Plywood T&G Boards provide the same quality and features as standard boards of the same material, with the added bonus of being able to easily slot the boards together. Both can be used for domestic flooring needs, but OSB/3 boasts the added feature of extra strength and humidity resistance, while Plywood can be used on projects such as roof decking and vehicle body work. For a more customisable floorboard, Plywood will be the best option due to its ability to take paint well.

All T&G Flooring Boards come in a range of sizes and 18mm thickness, along with Chipboard and Plywood being available in 22mm thickness.