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Grey Composite Cladding

If you are looking for a sophisticated and practical building material that is more affordable, long-lasting and requires less maintenance than traditional timber, you may want to consider the great composite slatted cladding we have here at Builders Marketplace. They are ideal for any job, whether it’s a completely new structure like a fence or decking or improvements and upgrades.

Easy Access to Components

At Builders Marketplace, we have been in the building trade for a long time, so we know only too well the frustration you can experience when trying to source materials for the work. It can be difficult when you find a colour you like, only to discover that not all of the available components are in the same colour.

To help combat that, we stock full ranges of slatted cladding boards and the necessary fixings and accessories. That means, if you like the grey composite slatted cladding boards, you will find the other bits and pieces you need.

Adaptive and Innovative

One of the reasons we believe that many people are switching to composite slatted cladding instead of traditional cladding made from timber is how adaptive and innovative it is. We can customise the grey composite slatted cladding to meet the needs of your project.

Stain Resistance and Ultra Durable Core

All kinds of spillages and accidents will happen from time to time and it’s not really possible if you have decking or fencing or any other structure to prevent it from happening at all. To help make things easier, the composite slatted cladding panels and materials we have are specialist stain-resistant, so they are properly protected against no spills or messes.

Additionally, thanks to the innovative core layer that makes them incredibly sturdy.

Sustainable and Recycled Materials

Like most individuals and organisations at Builders Marketplace, we try to do as much as we can to help reverse the effects of global warming. As part of that commitment, we try to use recycled materials as much as we can, and the components of our grey composite slatted cladding are eco-friendly and from sustainable resources.

As well as helping the environment, our materials are also built to last and are unlikely to deteriorate, warp, splinter or even rot. And when compared to real timber products, they need less care and attention in general.

Delivery Through the UK and Click and Collect Purchasing Options

AS well as making it easier to source the most environmentally friendly, sustainable products in the colours you need and want, we have also worked hard to make the ordering and delivery process easy.

As such, depending on what suits your circumstances and geographical location you have that choice of Click and Collect by coming along to our store in Essex and picking up your items or having them delivered straight to your door.

While our Express Delivery service will ensure your order is with you within 2 to 3 days, our standard will get it there within 3 to 5 days.

When you need high quality, environmentally-friendly cladding for fencing, decking or other decorative or structural needs, we strongly recommend you consider our grey composite slatted cladding.

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