Cement & Aggregates

Looking for the best selection of cement, mortar, and aggregates for concrete for all your construction needs? We stock a wide range of products to suit any project, big or small. Whether you’re a professional contractor or just looking for the right materials for your at home project, we have the right materials for the job. Plus, our team is always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance.

Our selection of cement and aggregates for concrete

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Cement & aggregates for concrete

View our top selection of Cement and Aggregate, Mortar and Sand for concrete materials at Builders Marketplace. All three are key components in various parts of the construction process and are essential for any structural work.


Cement is a multi-use material that makes up construction staples such as Concrete and Mortar. Other uses include Stucco, Tile Grout and Thin-Set Adhesive. When made in to concrete, cement is best used for structural projects as it is the strongest of these materials. Available in variations including, Fast-Set, Professional Grade and White Portland. The multipurpose product for several different construction needs.


Mortar is a combination of cement, fine sands and lime. It is recognisable due to its frequent use in housing construction. A common binding adhesive when working with materials such as brick, block and stone due to its durable and waterproof qualities. Therefore, mortar is essential for any masonry construction.


Aggregate, another material used for making concrete when mixed with a water and cement paste. Aggregate can be made from either sand and gravel, or crushed stone. Additionally, it can add multiple desirable characteristics to your finished product, including volume, stability and wear and erosion resistance. This solves common issues such as shrinkage, cracking and can be a cost-effective material to add to concrete for the structural projects concrete is best suited for. Aggregate is the finishing touch for full customisation of your materials, for a high-quality and reliable finish.

Sizes & Bulk

All of our cement, mortar and aggregates for concrete are available in a range of sizes from 20kg, all the way up to 800kg bulk supply. Also available for collection.

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