4×2 Timber

At Builders Marketplace, we stock durable 4×2 timber (100 mm x 47 mm) in various lengths to help you complete your upcoming building projects.

Our Range of 4×2 Timber

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What Is Our 4×2 Timber Made From?

Made from Scandinavian Whitewood Spruce, Builders Marketplace offer an impressive 4×2 timber option. This wood comes from a slow growing tree that produces tight growth rings, meaning the treated timber has high stability and a fantastic premium finish.

The process of source, preparing and cutting our 4×2 timber is also incredibly environmentally friendly.

What Lengths of 4×2 Timber Are Available?

We sell our durable 4×2 timber in various lengths:

  • 1.2 meter (4ft)
  • 2.4 meter (8ft)
  • 3 meter (10ft)
  • 3.6 meter (12ft)
  • 4.2 meter (14ft)
  • 4.8 meter (16ft)

*Actual product dimensions may differ ever so slightly from those listed due to the treating process. All lengths are C16 grade. Please note, timber has more knots than grade C24.

In addition, we’re able to cut specific sizes and lengths of 4×2 timber that you need for any of your building projects. Simply, let us know what you require during the purchasing process

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