• Blue Circle Extra Rapid Cement | 25kg

    £16.22 inc VAT
  • Blue Circle General Purpose Cement | 25kg

    £7.10 inc VAT
  • Blue Circle Hydralime Hydrated Lime | 25kg

    £16.39 inc VAT
  • Blue Circle Mastercrete 25kg Bag or CementBlue Circle Mastercrete 25kg bag in use.

    Blue Circle Mastercrete Grey Cement Bag | 25kg

    £12.99 inc VAT
  • Postcrete - Blue Circle Postcrete 20kg BagBlue Circle Postcrete - Post Cement

    Blue Circle Postcrete Bag | 20kg

    £7.40 inc VAT
  • Blue Circle Snowcrete

    Blue Circle Snowcrete White Portland Cement | 25kg

    £13.74 inc VAT
  • Breedon Fast Set Cement

    Breedon Fast Set Cement 25kg

    £14.40 inc VAT
  • Breedon Masonry Mortar

    Breedon General Purpose Masonry Mortar 20kg

    £6.41 inc VAT
  • Professional Grade Cement

    Breedon Professional Grade Cement 25kg

    £14.80 inc VAT


Cement is a multi-use material that makes up construction staples such as Concrete and Mortar. Other uses include Stucco, Tile Grout and Thin-Set Adhesive. When made in to concrete, cement is best used for structural projects as it is the strongest of these materials. Available in variations including, Fast-SetProfessional Grade and White Portland. These variations have their own individual benefits and you can choose the cements that will give you the finish and characteristics you want.

Cement is predominately a binding material. As the Cement sets, it hardens and adheres to anything placed on it, and with the addition of performance-enhancing additives in the cements we stock, nothing will bind better. These Cements will also continue to strengthen after the set time stated for each type, they are also assessed 28 days after application to ensure quality control.

It is important that cement-based materials are used and stored correctly. It should be stored in unopened bags clear of the ground, in cool dry conditions and must be protected after placement, this assists the curing process and helps to avoid moisture loss, freezing and effects of hot and cold weather conditions.