CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) is a multi-use timber, mainly used in internal housing construction. Its many uses include: carcassing, framing, timber framework, and building internal partitioning.

A popular choice for stud walling and partitioning, CLS’ rounded edges and corners make for an easy and most importantly safer option when moving pieces of timber. Its extreme durability makes this timber suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and the naturally aesthetically pleasing finish of this timber can keep painting and/or staining work to a minimum, or remove it entirely. However, if CLS is being used for an outdoor project, it is extremely easy to add a treatment to the wood for extra protection. If these options are considered and the timber is well maintained, the timber is capable of lasting a lifetime.

It is important to check which of the two CLS grades you need. C24 grade is the stronger of the two and is more of an all-rounder. C16 is more suitable for indoor projects as it may not hold up to certain weather conditions as well as the C24 grade.

Available in a range of sizes to fit any timber needs.

What is CLS timber?

Looking for high-quality timber for your construction projects? Explore CLS timber, also known as Canadian Lumber Standard timber. Discover its exceptional strength, dimensional stability, and diverse applications in framing and structural work. Choose CLS timber for reliable and durable building solutions.

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