Grey Composite Fencing

A longer lasting alternative to traditional timber fencing, anthracite grey fencing is a wood and plastic hybrid that provides several benefits.

Builders Marketplace offers a range of high quality composite fencing. It is crafted in a way to maintain the grooves and overall look that comes with traditional wood, without the need for extra maintenance.

Our Range of Grey Composite Fencing

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Grey Composite Fencing at Builders Marketplace

Our anthracite grey composite fencing can provide a sleek look and has the effect of painted timber without the issue of fading over time. We stock composite fencing in a range of colours to suit the look you’re going for, as well as a range of composite fencing accessories to make for a quick and easy installation process.


What are the benefits of composite fencing?

Compared to traditional timber fencing, composite fencing is much more durable. Composite fencing is warp, rot and splinter free. You can expect to get 20 or 30 years of use out of your composite fencing, compared to around 15 years for timber fencing.

Is It easy to maintain composite fencing?

Yes! Compared to traditional timber fencing, composite fencing is also far easier to maintain. It eliminates the need for treating and staining, just requiring a spray down with water to keep it looking clean and fresh.

What colours of composite fencing are available?

At Builders Marketplace, we stock Walnut Brown, Aged Oak and Anthracite Grey composite fencing.

Can you power wash composite fencing?

Yes, but pressure washing too close to the fencing can ruin it so make sure to keep a suitable distance and dry the fencing off properly once you are finished.

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