Composite Cladding Accessories

When you are looking at the various materials and solutions available for building projects like decking, fencing and other decorative and structural work, you may be considering composite slatted cladding. And with good reason, because here at Builders Marketplace we firmly believe that this is an excellent alternative to the more traditional options of real timber or even something with less character like metal.

In addition to the composite slatted cladding panelling and boards you need to invest in, there’s also the joists and perhaps the most crucial components – the accessories and fixtures. Although you could go and get these parts from anywhere, we think it is best to get the right fixtures for the right materials.

All the Important Parts You Need

At Builders Marketplace to accompany our composite slatted cladding boards and joists, therefore, we have accessories that are designed to fit them and offer the security and support they need.

These accessories include:

  • Composite Slatted Cladding Steel Screws
  • Composite Slatted Cladding Steel Expansion Screws
  • Composite Slatted Cladding Steel Screws Starter Clips

We are pleased to say because we have a rolling stock of all our popular items and the solutions we sell, you will never find you don’t have the right fixtures or accessories you need for the project you are working on.

High-Quality Components Made From Sustainably Sourced Materials

Like the other products and solutions we sell, our high-quality steel screws, expansion screws and clips all have one thing in common – they are made almost entirely from recyclable and sustainably sourced materials. Without losing any quality.

Click and Collect or Delivery – Your Order, Your Choice

As we have tried to make things as easy as possible for you, our customers, to get the materials, components, and everything else you need, we have provided several different delivery options.

If you live local to our business premises in Essex, you can pop along using the Click and Collect option for no extra charge. This is a great way to save a bit of money and you get to meet some of our excellent customer service team.

However, we understand that may not be a viable option for all of our customers. Whether it’s due to your location in the country or because of a busy schedule, you can also have your orders delivered to your door.

Standard Delivery is the most common and popular option. It’s the most cost-effective option too and means your order will take around 3 to 5 working days to arrive at your property. Whereas Express Delivery is a lot faster, promising delivery times of around 2 to 3 working days for a slightly more expensive price.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for an alternative to traditional timber cladding for fencing, decking or any other structural installation, look no further than composite slatted cladding and the robust and durable accessories and fixtures we have available right here at Builders Marketplace.

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