360L Wheelie Bin

At Builders Marketplace, we stock an impressive range of high quality 360L wheelie bins in different colours. They serve as perfect replacements for stolen or broken household bins.

Our Range of 360L Wheelie Bins

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Builders Marketplace Wheelie Bins

The 360L Wheelie Bin is the obvious choice for waste disposal for a larger family household or for small business use.

Each bin can hold between four and six bin bags, with a durable lid, and the wheels provide ease of movement. These bins come in a variety of colours, all serving a purpose for a more efficient and effective waste disposal system for your household.

We stock the 360 litre wheelie bin in the following colours:

If this particular size of wheelie bin is being used for kerbside collection, it is advised to check with your local council to make sure they take this size of bin.

We also recommend exploring our range of replacement bin wheels and replacement bin lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Wheelie Bins Different Colours?

Wheelie bins are often different colours, this is to let residents know what type of waste they can put in them. For example, black bins are usually associated with general waste. Depending on your local council, there will usually be a specific colour bin for recycling and garden waste too.

Can I Paint My Wheelie Bin?

Wheelie bins should only be painted if you own them yourself. Any wheelie bin that has been provided by a local authority should not be painted or defaced in any way.

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