Chipboard Flooring

At Builders Marketplace, we stock an impressive range of chipboard flooring, including P5 T&G moisture resistant chipboard options. Explore the range below.

Our Range of Chipboard Flooring

Builders Marketplace Chipboard Flooring

Our range of chipboard flooring can be used to create solid bases for additional flooring work. These materials help provide more strength and support in structure and can be used as an underlay for your new flooring.

Our T&G chipboard is ideal for bathroom and kitchen flooring as it has moisture resistant properties. It’s also a great option for tight areas, including loft spaces.

We stock high quality building materials at Builders Marketplace that you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chipboard Good for Flooring?

Yes, chipboard is a fantastic option when it comes to completing flooring projects. It’s easy to install, is often moisture-resistant, and is more forgiving than plywood when making slight errors during installation.

Is All Chipboard Flooring Moisture Resistant?

Not all chipboard flooring is completely moisture resistant, so make sure you check before purchasing. We recommend our Tongue and Groove chipboard options if you’re looking for moisture resistant chipboard materials.

What is T&G Chipboard Flooring?

The T and G in T&G Chipboard Flooring stands for tongue and groove. It is considered a structural grade flooring board.