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Timber Gravel Boards (6×1″) 150mm x 22mm | 2.4 meter (8ft)


gravel board

Timber Gravel Boards (6×1″) 150mm x 22mm | 2.4 meter (8ft)


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Timber Gravel Boards 6×1 | 150mm x 22mm x 2.4m (8ft) – Product Video

Tanalised Treated 8ft Gravel Boards, our boards have undergone an extensive treatment process to ensure deep penetration into the timber cells, this ensures longer-lasting protection against fungal decay and insect attack.

Pressure-treated timber is leach resistant, ensuring a long and trouble-free service life in a wide range of conditions, and assured performance in sensitive environments.

Gravel Board serves the specific purpose of being attached to the bottom of a garden fence to raise it to a desired height, when the ideal height cannot be achieved with standard fence panels. Gravel Boards can also be used to correct uneven ground surface. Another purpose for these versatile boards is to provide a layer of protection between your fence posts and panels and the ground, this prevents the bottom of the posts and panels from rot, decay and ground burrowing pests. This will make your fence much more durable and resilient to environmental stressors. This includes providing a solid base so that the fence stays in tact during turbulent weather conditions. Gravel Boards are the first step in the installation of a long-life and high-quality fence.

Our Timber Gravel Boards are available in multiple lengths to suit your requirements:

Standard Lengths:

1.8 meter (6ft)
2.4 meter (8ft)
3.6 meter (12ft)
4.8 meter (16ft)

Additional information

Weight 6000 g

Gravel Boards

Timber Grade

C16, C24

Timber Type

Gravel Boards


2.4 meter (8ft)

Timber Size


Gravel boards have 3 steel reinforcing bars.

Most industry experts do not recommend that you paint gravel boards because the paint may trap moisture.

No, you shouldn’t use gravel boards for decking.

First of all, nail a cleat to the timber fence post then nail the gravel board into the face of the cleat.

Yes, gravel boards can be cut to the required size.

Gravel board cleats are small blocks of wood approximately 150mm x 50mm x 25mm. They are used as support.

To secure gravel boards you can use clips.

Gravel boards come in 2 sizes, 6’x1′ and 6’x6’.

Yes, gravel boards are often used as a way to create a decorative screen or they can be used to hide unattractive sights.

A gravel board is a wooden, concrete or composite board that is positioned underneath the fence panels, and sit on top of the ground to protect the fence from wet soil, debris and insect damage.