To seal PVC roofing you can use butyl caulking in a caulk gun by applying a ¼ inch wide bead of caulk where the sheets overlap.
To clean PVC roofing you can just use warm water and liquid detergent with a microfibre cloth.
To fix PVC roofing you should score the surface a seal using M-1 Sealant, or score the surface, clean with EternaClean and seal it with EternaBond roof seal.
Although it's not recommended to walk on, you can walk on it if it has something under it that can support the weight of a person.
PVC roofing is good because it is resistant to chemicals, fire and water. It also is very flexible and resistant to animal grease.
PVC plastic roofing can scratch easily and can shatter under extreme pressure. If the roofing sheets are going to be outside you will hear the rain rather loud.
The PVC roofing sheets are very strong and durable so they can last up to 25 years or more in some cases.
PVC is a very strong material by law a roofing sheet should carry around 90kg per square inch but PVC can hold 158kg, and it’s easier to repair than other plastic roofing sheets.
You can use butyl sealing tape to stop any dirt or dust from getting between the roofing sheets.
If sheets need to be joined end to end, make an overlap of at least 150mm for a 10° slope or 300mm for a 5° slope.