MDF Sheets Vs Real Wood: Why MDF Sheets Win The Comparison Game?

MDF sheets

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There has always been a debate on the differentiation of MDF sheets and Real Wood. Both of them have their own pros and cons. However, most of the things go in the favour of Sheet MDF. While purchasing the materials, people think real wood is always a better choice than MDF. But, the fact is, it is not true in every case. In many cases, MDF sheets outshine real wood. At Builders Merchant Ltd., you can go through the solid wood and MDF sheets description. It will let you know which is the ideal material for your interior setting.

Let’s take the discussion forward on these building material supplies. In the below section, you will know why MDF sheets are always on the winning side. 

Water Resistant: MDF Vs Real Wood

MDF sheets have more water-resistant properties than real or solid wood. Mould formation is common in real wood because it gets compressed and expands in heavy moisture conditions. Eventually, it becomes easily prone to damage. Cracks also easily form on real words. This becomes favourable for fungus to grow and start an infestation. Areas where water stays consistently, like bathrooms, have high humidity where solid wood application is not suitable.

But, the patterned MDF sheets come with a high-water resistant feature. It will prevent moisture and water damage in your interior. Moreover, it is a great option if your region witnesses continuous rainfall or high humidity. 

Man Made Vs Natural Wood

MDF sheets are man-made products. It is designed with highly engineered and technical skills to cope with various conditions. At the same time, real wood is purely natural with no additional properties. MDFs are crafted to meet all requirements with enhanced properties. Even in terms of appearance, 12mm MDF sheets come with a smoother finish. But natural woods give a rough finish with visible grains. This makes it not so suitable for internal applications.

Infestation Prone: MDF Vs Real Wood

Real wood is highly prone to infestation. If it doesn’t undergo treatment, it is likely to damage over time. Termites start housing on solid wood. Also, other insects, such as woodworms, carpenter ants, house borers, etc, also start their colony. This makes real wood not suitable for both residential and commercial settings. In that case, MDF sheets win. These are built with termite-resistant properties that don’t allow insects to house in them.

Temperature Bearing: MDF Vs Real Wood

When you compare the temperature-bearing capability, MDF still wins. Frequent changes in temperature are a big problem for real wood. Temperature fluctuations, such as excess heat and humidity, will expand the material. It will make your doors, windows, and cabinets less functional. Moreover, it will make your interior look less appealing and degrade its value. 

But, when you choose MDF over real wood, it can withstand temperature changes well. It will keep your interior look fresh and good with longevity. You can go for white MDF sheets to enhance your interior setting. 

Surface Painting and Sealing: MDF Vs Real Wood

MDF sheets from Builders Merchant Ltd. come with a smooth surface, therefore, it is easier to paint and seal compared to solid wood. Solid wood has a rough surface, and it doesn’t mix well with paint. This leads to cracks on the surface and affects its overall appearance. Compared to solid wood, MDF is easier to sand and prime, so you don’t have to worry about noticeable knots.

Comparison In Terms of Price: MDF Vs Real Wood

MDF boards are cheaper in comparison to real wood. So, if you are on a budget, you can go for 3mm MDF sheets or 9mm MDF sheets. These are available in an affordable price range at Builders Merchant Ltd. Due to its cost-effectiveness, real wood is a go-to for artistic projects.

Mechanical Transformation: MDF Vs Real Wood

The flexible MDF sheets have smoother surfaces and can undergo any mechanical transformation. It is easy to cut, rout, mould, and drill on the board. But real wood is very hard to cut and drill. It cannot undergo any form or transformation easily. 

Eco-Friendly: MDF Vs Real Wood

MDF is a completely green product. Because MDF is made from wood fibres and other synthetic materials, it leaves no carbon footprint and is an environmentally friendly product. Solid wood, on the other hand, is a natural raw material obtained from mature trees. Millions of trees are cut down or chopped, which is not an eco-friendly process. 

Interior Décor Disruption: MDF Vs Real Wood

MDF panels have no visible wood grain on the surface. So you don’t have to worry about the wood grain showing through the paint. However, it is a big problem with solid wood. It is clearly visible and decreases the visual appeal. 

Other Differences Between MDF and Real Wood

  • MDF panels are available in larger panels than solid wood. These large MDF sheets of 18mm can be used to make beadboard and panelling. This makes them the best alternative to solid wood.
  • MDF is more ideal for furniture manufacturing than solid wood. This is because it is durable and has a contoured surface.
  • MDF panels are easier to customise than real wood. You can bring out your creative side and try out new ideas and designs. 
  • Another advantage of MDF is that it is easier to find in your desired size. With black MDF sheets, you will get different options. But real wood is limited in terms of size.

Final Thoughts  All the differentiation goes in favour of MDF sheets. Therefore, it is an all-round and versatile choice. If you want to invest in MDF sheets of different sizes, for example, 6mm MDF sheets, visit Builders Merchant Ltd.

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