240L Wheelie Bin

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Width:   58 cm

Depth:   72 cm

Weight: 10 kg

Height:  106 cm

Colour:  Black

Usage:  Outdoor, Home, Recycling, Street, Offices, and any relevant location.

The 240litre wheelie bin with two wheels is the ideal waste container for houses and homes with multiunit, material handling, hospitals, and clinics, or a commercial kitchen waste container.

240L wheelie bin is tested to comply with EN840 or RAL standards using an eco-friendly material that is recyclable at the end of life.

BuildersMerchant supplies 240L wheelie bins that are suitable for a variety of substance disposal, including bottle recycling, paper and card recycling, general waste, food waste, plastic recycling and more.

It is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, UV radiation, heat, frost, decay, and it is also chemical resistant.

It has a rugged body makeup with an appropriate handle, galvanized steel axle, with heavy-duty wheels, making it portable, weight withstanding, and easy to move and maneuver.

Our 240l wheelie bin has a very fitted cover that prevents unwanted odors and stops rainwater from seeping in.  It also comes with a choice of gravity locking, manual locking, or slam lock lids for extra security.

BuildersMerchant supplies a customizable 240L bin that comes in various colors of choice. The black 240l wheelie bin is the most popular and because of it’s adaptability to dirt and stains.