Merchanting stock a great range of  tools and fixings that will help you complete any upcoming construction projects. From fixing bands to adjustable joist hangers, we have everything you could possibly need, all available in one place for your ease.


All of our tools and fixings are made to the highest standards with only one thing in mind, quality. At Builder’s Marketplace, we understand that there’s nothing quite like working with quality tools designed for the task you need them for.

We ensure all the tools we offer are crafted to the highest quality for exceptional results and a fast pace of work. Explore our range of building tools today.


At Builders Marketplace, we understand the importance of high quality tools and fixings. The quality of fixings is often overlooked, considering they hold together the entirety of your construction projects. We offer a range of premium fixings that will help you to complete your construction projects successfully. 

This makes fixings one of the most important components of your project because any failure from your fixings could result in an entire project collapsing. All of our tools and fixings are made out of the highest quality materials to exact specifications. You can trust the products from

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