Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas


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Although recycling is a great domestic habit to get into, large plastic different coloured wheelie bins can be a bit of an eyesore. Proud homeowners will be interested to explore some wheelie bin storage ideas to disguise their wheelie bins outside.

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Creative Wheelie Bin Storage Ideas

Let’s take a look at some of the different creative and attractive ideas for storing your wheelie bin:

Wheelie Bin Storage Sheds


One of the most popular creative ideas for hiding your wheelie bin in the UK is building a wheelie bin storage shed. This is a small shed, designed specifically for the storage of wheelie bins.

Storages sheds are a fantastic idea as they not only keep your wheelie bins out of site, helping to disguise an eyesore, but they protect them from the elements. Depending on how you build your storage shed, they can be a very attractive feature of your front or rear garden. The world is your oyster as you can make wheelie bin storage sheds out of numerous materials including wood, plastic or metal.

If you decide to build a wheelie bin storage shed for your home, it is recommended that it should have some kind of ventilation system, as this helps to reduce the odour produced by the bins. You could also fit a locking system to keep your bins safe. Once you’ve built your wheelie bin storage shed, there are a number of places that it can live, including the end of your driveway, in your front garden or in your back garden.

Wheelie Bin Storage Screens

Another popular wheelie bin storage idea is creating your own wheelie bin storage screen. These are handy designs that hide your wheelie bins from sight while still being able to access them easily by reaching over the top of the screen to open each bin’s lid.

Although you might find wheelie bin screens used in shared residential properties, they are just as effective when installed at an individual’s home. In terms of application, they can be either freestanding or attached to a wall, with the latter being a safer option if feasible.

A wheelie bin screen is designed to be placed in front of your wheelie bins to conceal them from view. Depending on the material you use to create your screen, you might still be able to see some of your bins, however there are many ways to make them look tasteful.

Use Hedges to Hide Your Bins

One of the greener wheelie bin storage ideas from our list is using garden hedges to conceal or compliment them. You could use nicely kept hedges as an eye-catching backdrop for your bins.

Another way to use hedges to conceal your bins is by installing a hedge-covered trellis or Arbor in front of them. These look fantastic, providing an attractive screen that hides your bins, while also creating a focal point for your front or rear garden.

If you’re feeling confident about your gardening skills, you could cut into your existing hedge to create space for your bins. This would mean that your bins can comfortably set back into the hedge. This is an aesthetically pleasing option if you’re able to cut your hedge accurately to fit in all of your bins.

If your garden is currently without hedges, you could consider planting a row of hedges in front of your bins. Something to keep in mind is that hedges grow and will require some upkeep to maintain them. Ensure you plant the right hedges that will grow to a suitable height in front of your bins.

With some consistent care and attention, using hedges can be a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly wheelie bin storage idea.

Build a Miniature Garden Above a Bin Store

Another creative idea for hiding your wheelie bin in the UK is creating a miniature garden above a bin store. This will provide a beautiful disguise for your bin store, and will make it more of a focal point in your front or rear garden.

Build a green roof on top of your bin store using a range of different plants that are suitable for the climate you are situated in. You’ll also want to make sure that any plants chosen won’t start to impede your access to the bins in the future, as this can make the practicality of this option less appealing.

To an onlooker, this can disguise the fact that the store is hiding bins, providing a huge improvement in aesthetics for your bin store. Your bin store will then be recognised for providing a lovely looking miniature garden instead of solely being responsible for concealing bins.

Build a Bin Store Into Your Steps


For homes that have a set of steps leading up to the front door, it might be possible to use them as a location for a bin store.

Bin stores built into sets of steps are typically made out of wood or composite decking materials and are located toward the bottom of the steps. This makes the bin store accessible from ground level.

This solution is useful for driveways and front gardens that have limited space. Although they might take a little longer to build, they are well worth it in the long run as they don’t affect the way your front garden looks.

Create a Wooden Wheelie Bin Shelter out of Pallets

Wheelie bin storage can sometimes be difficult and expensive, depending on the materials that you have access to. This isn’t the case when building a wheelie bin shelter out of pallets. Wooden pallets are super easy to get your hands on, which makes this a feasible solution for the majority of people wanting creative ideas for hiding a wheelie bin in the UK.

We recommend popping down to your local wholesaler or supermarket to see if they have any spare pallets available. Wholesalers and supermarkets are always using pallets and are therefore always looking to get rid of them. Chances are, you’ll be able to take some pallets off of their hands free of a charge, so it’s a win-win situation all round.

You will, however, need to get your hands on some square treated timber or fence posts to create the frame for your bin shelter. Once you’ve built the frame, you can use the individual wooden beams from the wooden pallets to fill in the sides of your shelter.

Wooden wheelie bin shelters look great in front gardens that already have wooden features in them. One thing to consider is making sure that your wheelie bin shelter can store all of your bins, so don’t forget to measure it out beforehand!


The primary goal when exploring different wheelie bin storage ideas is to disguise or hide your wheelie bins, so that they are less of an eyesore for users and onlookers. Through the use of screens, storage boxes, pallets, plants and trees, this is easy to achieve.

Whichever style of wheelie bin disguise you choose to build or use, ensure that you have easy access to your bins and that you’re able to easily move them to the front of your house when collection day comes around!

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