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34″ x 78″ | White Internal Door – Vertical 5 Panel | (864mm x 1981mm x 35mm) – Grade B Stock


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White Internal Door

34″ x 78″ | White Internal Door – Vertical 5 Panel | (864mm x 1981mm x 35mm) – Grade B Stock


Out of stock


White Internal Door – Vertical 5 Panel Door – Grade B – 50% Off – Please check description for further information on sale doors.

34″ x 78″ (864mm x 1981mm x 35mm)

This white internal door gives you the stability and rigidity of a traditional timber door, while also providing a smooth and pre-primed finish.

Panel doors are one of the most common styles of internal doors. The simplistic vertical 5-panel design on this particular door means that they fit perfectly into any style of home.

The white primed finish of this door makes it customisable and ready for painting to match the aesthetic of your home. However, this door would not be suitable for any oil-based treatments.

This particular door would be classed as being of medium/heavyweight. This minimises the door slamming shut due to wind or other outside disturbances. This further means minimising possible damage to the door frame or wall surrounding the door.

It is recommended that any door weighing over 20kg is installed with three hinges, this is also the case if the door is placed in an area that will incur large differences in temperature and/or humidity.

NOTE: Grade B is old stock, we are adding this to the sale in order to reduce waste, as a result, we are selling imperfect items at a reduced cost.
Imperfections are apparent on close inspection meaning we are not happy to sell them at a regular price.
Imperfections may include: scuffs, minor scratches, chips to doors, scuffs to paint work.
Please note, this sale item can not be returned.

White Internal Door Available Sizes:

The Vertical 5 Panel Door is available in 7 Standard sizes and 4 Metric sizes:

Standard Sizes:

24″ x 78″ (595mm – 610mm x 1981mm x 35mm)
27″ x 78″ (686mm x 1981mm x 35mm)
28″ x 78″ (711mm x 1981mm x 35mm)
30″ x 78″ (762mm x 1981mm x 35mm)
32″ x 80″ (813mm x 2032mm x 35mm)
33″ x 78″ (838mm x 1981mm x 35mm)
34″ x 78″ (864mm x 1981mm x 35mm)

Metric Sizes:

  • 626mm x 2040mm x 40mm
  • 726mm x 2040mm x 40mm
  • 826mm x 2040mm x 40mm
  • 926mm x 2040mm x 40mm


  • Premium quality 5 Panel Vertical Moulded Doors
  • Fast Delivery available
  • Gives you the look of a traditional timber door
  • Modern internal white moulded hollow core construction door ready for site painting
  • White base-coated faces
  • Suitable for both modern and traditional refurbishment projects
  • Quality moulded panel facings
  • Weight approximate 15kg

Additional information

Weight 25000 g
Dimensions 76 × 198 × 10 cm

You can try installing a weatherstripping kit with a foam flange or vinyl bulb.

The gap between the door and frame should be around 2mm whilst between the door and floor there should be an 8mm gap.

The gap between the door and frame should be around 2mm and between the door and floor there should be an 8mm gap

Yes, you can but only about 10mm can be shaved off of the door.

Moulded doors are much cheaper and are made from wood by-products that are pressed together in a range of different ways.

Panel doors are widely used in construction.

A panel door is a door made of panels whereas the traditional is made out of solid wood.

Flush doors are good insulators of sound and heat. They perform well as fire-resistant doors whereas panel doors have no insulation proprieties and are not fire-resistant. Please note that we do not sell fire doors.

5 panel doors are built to last. They can last anywhere from 20-50 years. The type of wood used can impact the woods life expectancy.

Panel doors are hard, strong and durable. They can easily be made into any shape for design purposes.