Roofing Sheets

Roofing Sheets for Sale

Roofing Sheets for Sale

Our corrugated plastic roofing sheets for sale are manufactured from high quality clear PVC and are ideal for use in car parts, canopies, and various other roofing applications. They can be used to add shelter to outdoor areas or placed over existing roofing to provide protection from the elements. 

These roofing sheets for sale are made from high quality PVC plastic and boast a corrugated design that provides incredible strength and durability. They’re also lightweight and an extremely cost-effective option.

These characteristics make the PVC sheets easy to handle and easy to work with. PVC sheets are an ideal option for conservatories and carports as they allow 66% of light to come through the material, whilst protecting against harmful UV rays.

We stock different types of roof sheets, our corrugated metal roofing sheets are ideal for a stronger and longer lasting result. They’re better suited for roofing that does not rely on natural light passing through a room.

To support the successful installation of our roofing sheets for sale, we also stock high quality roofing screws.