Frequently Asked Questions

Bitumen roof sheets are one of the best-priced roofing solutions on the market. They are waterproof, low maintenance, lightweight and easy to install.
Composite fencing is water-resistant, long-lasting, low maintenance, and looks great.
Yes, metal roofing sheets are environmentally friendly because they have a 25-95% recycled content and depending on the material used they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life..
Panel doors are hard, strong and durable. They can easily be made into any shape for design purposes.
Yes, roofing battens are structural. They are also extremely important structural functions in a roof.
Yes, they are treated to be in accordance with BS 8417. Different manufactures use different treatments.
Scaffold boards are the best choice for heavy-duty fence panels and are great in windy areas.
Yes, they are. Scaffold boards keep builders safe when working at heights.
Scaffold boards are strong and are used as structural timber.
Woodcon settles around the fibres of the wood and makes the scaffold board completely waterproof and protected.